The Power of Reputation
Strengthen the Asset That Will Make or Break Your Career

Published by American Management Association
The Power of Reputation
The Power of Reputation
The Power of Reputation

Published by AMACOM, the publishing division of American Management Association, the new book The Power of Reputation - Strengthen the Asset That Will Make or Break Your Career is in book stores and online.

With great reviews from the very beginning, here are excerpts of what some book reviewers and critics had to say:

Amazon Five Star Hall of Fame/Vine Voice
“Book Review”
By Robert Morris

“Make no mistake about it: It takes days, months, even years to develop a positive reputation, one that could be destroyed immediately by a comment or gesture as well as by a decision, including a decision not to make one. Hence the importance of the information, insights, and counsel that Komisarjevsky provides in abundance.”

“According to Chris Komisarjevsky, three critical factors determine the reputation such as Arthur Ashe’s for impeccable integrity, a reputation he had earned … and clearly deserved.

The Strategist
“Book Review and Excerpt”

“Regardless of who you are or how high up you are in the corporate hierarchy, if you make a big enough mistake, then you could be fired. Worse, you might actually ruin your career. In his book “The Power of Reputation,” Chris Komisarjevsky, former CEO of Burson-Marsteller, offers an action plan for strengthening your most important asset – your reputation.”

The Work Style Magazine (UK)
“Exciting New Releases”

“A reputation takes time to build but just a moment to ruin. ‘The Power of Reputation’ presents an actionable plan for businesspeople seeking to create a reputation for themselves and their companies – one that not only builds trust but also communicates professionalism and power.”

Success Magazine
“Book Review”
By Erin Casey

“All behavior in business affects your personal reputation and by extension your success. This truth is a dominant theme in Chris Komisarjevsky’s book

“By sharing his personal experiences as well as some of the best and worst moments of well-known business leaders, Komisarjevsky delivers an engaging, educational book.”

“Opinion – Online, as in life, ‘friends’ matter”

“… reputation is precious. After all, don’t we tell our kids what our parents told us? ‘Show me your friends and I will tell you who you are.’”

“Book Recommendation”
By Dan Beaulieu

“Chris Komisarjevsky’s latest is more than just a book about reputation – it’s about having a great reputation.

“What I like about Komisarjevsky’s book is that it is so straightforward….” “It was a real eye opener for me.”

“For many years now I’ve been saying that we should all practice business the way we were taught to get along when we entered kindergarten. In fact, I recently advised some business friends to pick up a copy of ‘All I Really Need to Know I Learned in Kindergarten.” I have to say that this new book ‘The Power of Reputation’ is the twenty-first century’s version of that 40-year-old book. And coming from me that is praise to the highest heavens for certain. Pick it up, read it, and put it near at hand so you can refer to it often.”

Boston Herald
“Fixing breached trust a must…”

“A strong organization is all about trust and reputation.”

“Book Review”
By Clark Isaac

“Chris Komisarjevsky in ‘The Power of Reputation’ stresses that it is very important to relate to others in a positive way. This is a book, which is for any field, not just professionals.

“'The Power of Reputation' is not a textbook, though it could be! It is a guide to being effective in whatever business or field there is. This is highly recommended for a better career and is a five star book for everyone!”

HR Magazine
“Build a reputation that will boost – not break – your career”

“If you ask people you admire if reputation has proven to be an important component to their careers, undoubtedly, the answer will be ‘yes.’ Ask them how they built their reputations, and the response likely will include the time it took and how it needs to be guarded; recognizing that a good reputation can be shattered in moments.”

Career Management -- AllHealthcareJobs
“Book Review”
By Joy Taylor

“What do your friends and colleagues say about you? Are you reliable, authentic, valued? Are you proud of your reputation?

“In his book, ‘The Power of Reputation,’ Komisarjevsky, the former CEO for an international public relations firm, identifies the three critical factors that are the foundation of one’s reputation: Character, Communication, Trust.”

Northern Colorado Business Report – and 200 newspapers around the US
“Book Review”
By Terri Schlichenmeyer

“First impressions count, but so do seventh and 12th ones. In the new book, ‘The Power of Reputation’ by Chris Komisarjevsky, you may learn how to protect the best asset you and your business have.”

The Roanoke Times
“Book Review”
By Patricia Rivera/CTW Features

“When the going gets tough, your reputation must get even stronger, says public relations executive Chris Komisarjevsky”

Publishers Weekly
“Book Review”

“This book should be read at any point in one’s career – its lessons are valuable and timeless, and the benefits extend beyond the Boardroom.”

Business Management Daily
“Seeing yourself on video: eye-opening”

“The experience reinforced a lesson for Komisarjevsky: The best way to brace for a media interview is to simulate the real thing. It’s often agonizing, but it’s worth it.’

Advance Praise for The Power of Reputation

“This powerful guide is the definitive book on reputation and your career. It gives you the tools to make the most of your talents and, importantly, to prepare you for when things don’t go as planned. As Chris Komisarjevsky makes clear, reputation means everything—especially when the going is as tough as can be.”

Tom Von Essen, New York City’s 30th Fire Commissioner during September 11, 2001 and author of Strong of Heart.

“ [A] profound and practical book…. Building on a vast store of knowledge and experience, in captivating style, Chris Komisarjevsky offers readers a wealth of practical advice on what is required to build and preserve a reputation founded on integrity and trust.”

William C. (Curt) Hunter, Dean of the Henry B. Tippie College of Business, University of Iowa

"Given the growing impact of social media and personal branding on our lives and careers, this book couldn’t be more timely. Komisarjevsky successfully applies his vast experience in corporate reputation management to individual reputation and shows us that the two actually have much in common."

Ron Alsop, author of The 18 Immutable Laws of Corporate Reputation and The Trophy Kids Grow Up

“Chris Komisarjevsky provides the perfect combination of thoughtful insight, interesting examples, advice from business leaders and the specific steps needed so the reader can negotiate the dangerous shoals that can destroy even the most highly cultivated reputation. Smart strategies throughout for achieving personal and professional goals.”

Tobe Berkovitz, Ph.D., Associate Professor, Boston University, College of Communication

"Chris Komisarjevsky has managed the reputations of many corporations during his long, successful career as the head of public relations firms—and through this book he’s sharing with all readers his expertise on building and sustaining a good reputation. Read this book to see how important your good name is—and how to protect your reputation."

John Crudele, Financial Columnist, New York Post

"In every career, reputation is king. Chris Komisarjevsky has done a masterful job in describing both the impact of one’s reputation and how to manage it. Essential reading for anyone who cares about their reputation. And that's virtually everyone."

Kevin Goldman, former Wall Street Journal media reporter and author of Conflicting Accounts: The Creation and Crash of the Saatchi & Saatchi Advertising Empire.

Experiences, Guidance, and Advice
From a Wide Range of Tested and Successful Managers

     Going well beyond the author’s own experiences and points of view, The Power of Reputation shares the experiences, guidance and advice of tested and successful managers from a range of different organizations and industries. Those interviewed range from managers to chief executives. Their organizations range from non-profits such as healthcare, charity, and higher education to commercial enterprises such as global Fortune 500 companies and local, independent businesses.

     They all were generous with their time and in providing their personal and professional stories and insights:
  1. Greg Swienton, chairman and chief executive of Ryder System
  2. Ted Athanassiades, retired vice chairman and president of Met Life
  3. Joe Becker, manager of agency relations for Catholic Charities of the Archdiocese of New York
  4. Celia Berk, chief talent officer for Young & Rubicam Group
  5. David Bruce, vice president, corporate and public affairs, Ryder System
  6. Chet Burchett, president, Americas, Reed Exhibitions
  7. Harold Burson, founder chairman of Burson-Marsteller
  8. Vicky Casal, project manager and marketing professional
  9. Louis Ciolino, lead service consultant for a GMC dealer
  10. Manny and Lily Dominguez, co-owners and managers of a neighborhood pharmacy
  11. Richard Edelman, president and chief executive of Edelman Worldwide
  12. Jettie Edwards, consultant and board member
  13. Pat Ford, president and chief executive of Burson-Marsteller USA
  14. David Fox, retired chairman and chief executive of Northern Trust Company
  15. Leslie Gaines-Ross, reputation research expert and chief reputation strategist at Weber Shandwick
  16. Michele Galen, vice president and global head, communications and advocacy, Novartis Pharmaceuticals
  17. Kevin Goldman, media and public relations strategy expert
  18. Per Heggenes, chief executive of the IKEA Foundation
  19. Alberto Ibarguen, president and chief executive of the John S. and James L. Knight Foundation
  20. Steve Joenk, president and CEO of AXA Equitable Funds Management Group, LLC
  21. William Kearns, chairman of Keefe Ventures
  22. Margery Kraus, founder and chief executive of APCO Worldwide
  23. Christophe Lamps, communications strategy expert and senior partner, Dynamics Group
  24. John Maltese, retired chief financial officer
  25. Rose Mann, assistant dean of advancement for the Rosenstiel School of Marine and Atmospheric Sciences at the University of Miami
  26. Dan Neuharth, educator and reporter
  27. Claude Ritman, executive director Coler-Goldwater Hospital
  28. Harvey Rosenthal, retired president and board member of CVS Corporation
  29. Gary Schpero, retired business and corporate attorney and former partner at Simpson Thacher & Bartlett
  30. Bill Segal, entrepreneur, small business owner, and real estate attorney
  31. Marilyn Thalmayr, executive assistant
  32. Bob Williamson, founder and principal of York Graphic Communication
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