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     While reputation might be difficult for many people to describe and impossible for others to quantify, most can quickly point to those individuals and colleagues who are worthy of our confidence and just as quickly point to those who are not. When pressed to think about the qualities of reputation, people will most often tell you that it is a combination of trust, character, promises made and promises fulfilled.

     Some will also say that reputation and perception are closely linked. They are right, so much so that for many, as the saying goes, perception is reality.

     The most important lesson is that our individual reputation is up to each one of us. We control what we do and what we say. In other words, we control how we behave and, as a result, how others see us. Reputation is not something that just happens, nor is it something that we should leave to chance. Over time, we can build the kind of reputation that will serve us well. Of utmost importance though, it must be genuine or else it will not stand the test of time.

     A strong reputation is enormously powerful. It is made up of the three critical elements: trust, character and communication.

     The fundamental strategy for success as a manager is built on Seven Keys to Reputation:
  • First, Reputation is powerful.
  • Second, Reputation can be shaped.
  • Third, Trust is the foundation of relationships.
  • Fourth, Character and respect are vital for leadership and success.
  • Fifth, Communication makes reputation real and brings it to life.
  • Sixth, Reputation and perception are closely linked.
  • And seventh, Your reputation is one of, if not the most important priority you have.
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